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General's Help Desk

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 Table of Contents: 



Technology changes can be hard ...









You can do it ... we can help!


Use the TECH SUPPORT resources found below, or contact a TECH SUPPORT TEAM member:


Steve Barth - Tech Liaison, Computer Administrator, Mobile Labs Manager, EdLine/EGP Support, Science Tech Support (Rm 19)

Jason Adams - Computer Administrator, EdLine/EGP Support, Special Areas Tech Support, Multimedia Coordinator (Rm 54)

David Hong - Tech Liaison Alternate, ActivInspire/ActivExpressions Support, Science Tech Support (Rm 26)

Anna Conner- Library Media Specialist, general tech support, Wiki support, Webmaster

Steve Barsotti - Science Tech Support (Rm 25)

Diana Beales - Ink & Toner Recycling Team, Front Office/Guidance Office Tech Support (Guidance Office)

Janette Adams - Reading Teacher,  general tech support (Rm 43)

Dayana Fernandez- Spanish Teacher

Brian Taylor- Math Department Chair

Greg Klock- Social Studies Teacher

Chrissie Watts - STAT teacher, Proffesional Development, BCPS One knowledge

Katie Hunt- Instumental Music


Contact Library/Science IA Donna Hutchinson (Library Office) for help with:

  • CANON and Savin Copiers, Gestetner Duplicators (Room) - Instructions, istallation of ink/toner, masters, staples; paper jams; error messages.
  • Laminator, Poster Machine, Die Cut (AV Room) 


Need Tech Support? 


  • For EMERGENCY Tech Support:  Call Steve Barth on x019 
  • BEFORE you contact us: Consult embedded HELP resources, General’s Help Desk resources, or GOOGLE for a solution!  In Microsoft Office apps, click the QUESTION MARK!
  • Do not call BCPS Tech Support! Contact a GJSMS Tech Support Team member in person or via email (see contact info above), or complete and submit a Computer/Hardware Problem Notice
  • When contacting us about a computer issue, please provide: Room Number, DELL TAG (labeled on side of CPU), Computer Number (if Computer Lab or Mobile Lab computer); Detailed description of problem (screenshot if possible). 

  • For installation of software/updates/printers contact Steve Barth, David Hong, or Jason Adams (Computer Administrators) 


You will see Joe Coughlin, our designated TSS Technician, around the building on a regular basis. He is here to help you with hardware/software issues you might be having, and to address tickets called into the Tech Support Desk by Steve.  If you see Joe and you need help, feel free to ask him! He may also stop by your room to ask if you need help. 


Need Professional Development?

Technology-related inservice courses and workshops are offered  throughout the year.  See descriptions and registration information for current and future offerings in the Inservice or Workshops Catalogs under these Office headings:

  • Department of Organizational Development - Workshops on Microsoft Office and other BCPS-approved software
  • Department of Digital Learning - Inservice courses and Workshops for a wide variety of 21st century teaching and learning topics and tools.  See also their PD Wiki. 







  • ALWAYS save files to your H: Drive. Files saved to your desktop or to local Documents folder are subject to loss if your computer crashes! 
  • Computers upgraded to Internet Explorer 10 may show MSN as Homepage; click here for instructions to change your homepage to www.bcps.org.
  • Click NO when you get this Security Warning pop-up (I.E. 8); if you click YES, some webpage content (videos, Flash) will not display! 



  • Click SHOW ALL CONTENT when you get this pop up (I.E. 9 or 10) or you won't be able to see embedded videos, etc.!



Frequently Requested


Home Access to BCPS Resources


BCPS Policies & Forms:



Email Best Practices

from the BCPS Department of Technology


  • Do not open any unexpected attachments or e-mails sent by unknown parties.
  • Do not click on any links within e-mails that are unexpected or sent by unknown parties.
  • Do not “unsubscribe” from an unexpected e-mail by clicking links or sending e-mails to addresses indicated within an e-mail.
  • Ensure that the anti-virus application on your computer is a current version and updated with the most recent definitions before opening any attachment.
  • Do not include any sensitive or confidential information in e-mails.
  • Remember that BCPS will never ask users for their username or password within an e-mail.
  • Forward suspicious email or spam to blockmail@bcps.org  

ActivSlates ActivExpressions






Edline/EGP Web
Teacher Resources



Windows 7 Support Center 




Office 2007 Support Center/



Accessing STARS from Home 


BCPS Technology Support Services


Knowledge Base:


* Do not call the BCPS Help Desk; contact a GJSMS Tech Team member. 
If necessary, Steve Barth will call in a ticket to BCPS TSS. 

BCPS-Approved Online Collaborative Tools

Board Policies and Teacher Directions for Using
PBWorks Wikis, Voice Thread, and Edmodo



Voice Thread Resources 

Edmodo Resources | School Codes | Teacher Directions 

BCPS Office of Instructional Technology




21st Century Classroom Resources




 Includes resources for:

  • ELMO
  • eInstruction/Interwrite tablets
  • Mimio interactive products
  • Promethean interactive products
  • SAFARI Montage and SAFARI Live! Web Conferencing
  • Turning Point student response system 

 Technology Integration Professional Development 

November 5, 2012 

SESSIONS OFFERED (see Session Descriptions)

Working with FlipCam Video



 FlipCam Overview  

 Direct Upload from FlipCam to Computer
 Convert FlipCam Videos to WMV Files
 Exporting a Movie from FlipShare 

 Using FlipShare to Edit Video


Computer Lab & Mobile Lab Resources


  Additional resources available in the Library and Computer Labs folder on the Shared Drive:


            • Online Reservations Sheets
            • Seating Chart templates and Completes Seating Charts folder
            • Student Computer ID's
            • Student Privacy Restrictions  

GJSMS Printing Policies & Procedures




  • For Printer trouble, installation, or to request replacement toner cartridges contact Anna Conner or Steve Barth. Include the printer location and model or cartridge number. DO NOT open printer panels to troubleshoot or replace toner yourself! 
  • Deliver EMPTY ink/toner cartridges to the Recycling Center in the Library Lobby. 
  • All teachers should have the Copyroom Canon and Faculty Room network printers installed on their workstations. Some staff in various offices or non-classroom locations may have other network printers installed.
    • Other hallway network printers or stand-alone inkjet printers may already be installed on classroom computers; however, the school will no longer be purchasing ink/toner for those printers. Check with hallway colleagues about availability of ink before printing.
  • Use these Directions for Configuring Copyroom Canon for Network Printing to set up your computer for sending print jobs to your Canon Mailbox. Your Dept.ID/PIN and Mailbox # were provided to you on a paper copy. Please file this in a safe place for future reference. 
    • See Donna Hutchinson regarding your Dept.ID/PIN or copy limits.
    • If you forget your Mailbox #, login to the Canon with your Dept.ID/PIN, select Access Stored Files > Mailbox, and scroll down to find your mailbox # beside your name. Canon print jobs are retained in your Mailbox for 24 hours. 
  • Set your DEFAULT printer by opening Devices & Printers from the Start menu, right-click on the printer, and click Set as Default Printer 
  • All staff are expected to follow the GJSMS Printing Policies listed below, and to ensure student compliance with school printing policies. 
    • GJSMS Tech Committee is able to generate detailed usage reports for all network printers:  Faculty Room, Library, Libary Lab, Lab 59, Lab 22, ALC, etc.  Usage reports include the following information about jobs sent to the printer: date, time, sender's BCPS username, title of the document/page, and number of copies. 
    • Any evidence of non-compliance with GJSMS Printing Policies will be referred to the Principal. Network printers may be uninstalled from  non-compliant users' computers; those users would have to send all print jobs to the Copyroom Canon .


GJSMS Printing Policies for Staff & Students: 

  1. Only school-related printing is permitted. No personal printing of any kind is allowed. 

  2. ALL large print jobs (more than a few pages) MUST be sent to the Copyroom Canon, not to a network/library/lab printer. This includes IEP's, Grade Reports, Curriculum Guide Units, etc. Students should not print lengthy documents that they are unlikely to read in their entirety.

  3. Always do a Print Preview to determine the length of the document, and then print only the pages needed.  Look for a "Printer Friendly" button or option on database articles or Web pages. Direct students to follow these procedures as well when they need to print. 

  4. Consider having students copy their computer lab work to your class Drop folders on the Students drive for grading, rather than printing it out. 

  5. Do not print confidential material to a public printer (e.g. the Library or a Computer Lab) 

  6. Do not print multiple copies of a document to a network printer. 

  7. Do not print PowerPoint slides with backgrounds; print Handouts or Notes pages.

  8. Color printing is generally permitted only for display items (e.g. posters) or publications (e.g. brochures); print in grayscale unless color is absolutely necessary. Color printing is available in the Library, Library Lab, Lab 59, and Mini Lab 22 (Special Ed only).

  9. Avoid taking other users' print-outs by accident. If you do, please return these to the printer immediately. 
  10. Do not print un-necessarily! PAY ATTENTION to where you are printing and PICK UP your print-outs in a timely manner.


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