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EdLine Class Pages

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CLASS PAGES & Calendars



NOTE: This page is available (with live links to resources) at the General's Help Desk @ http://bcpsgeneraljohnstrickerms.pbworks.com


EdLine Teacher Quick Start Guide

Setting Up EdLine Class Pages (from EdLine Help) 

  • Changing Class Names, Welcome Message and Pictures
  • Please change your class names by adding 1st PD, 2nd PD, 3rd PD, etc. to the beginning of each class name. This will make your class pages more user friendly for students and their parents, as they will see their classes in order according to their schedule. 
    • If you teach a double-period of the same class, change the name of the first Class Page to reflect both periods, for example: 1st and 2nd PD Language.  Then change the name of the second Class Page for that class by adding the word HIDDEN to be beginning of the name. 
    • Follow the directions for Hiding a Class Page for a Double-Period of the Same Class.
  • Teachers must comply with BCPS Copyright Policy, copyright laws, and Fair Use guidelines when publishing class or school webpages. 


Adding Calendar Events (from EdLine Help) 

Use your Class Calendars to keep students and parents informed about homework and other Assignments, Test dates, project due dates, special events, etc. Provide links to Assignment documents from the Class Calendar.

  • Use the acronym for your subject from the list below at the beginning of all your Calendar Document titles. This will help students and parents to differentiate between class assignments when they view the Combined Calendar (which shows all class calendar events on one calendar).

ART – Art    ART GT
HIST – American History  HIST GT
HLTH – Health
LARTS or ENGL – Language Arts    LARTS GT or ENGL GT
LANG – Language!
MUSC – Music  (or create a 3-5 letter acronym for the specific course)
MATH – Math (or create a 3-5 letter acronym for the specific course)
READ  - Reading
SCI – Science  SCI GT
PHYS – Physical Education
WCUL – World Cultures   WCUL GT

Additional Information is Available in EdLine HELP


  • Log into EdLine and click on the HELP button
  • Pull down the Teachers menu to see these topics and MORE:
    • Managing Content on My Teacher Webpages
    • Using My Calendar 

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