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Uploading Term 1 Grade Reports

Page history last edited by Kelly Ray 7 years, 3 months ago

Edline Grade Reporting Review


  • Each Edline class page should have a Term 1 folder.

  • Grade reporting should occur bi-weekly.


Uploading Term 1 Grade Reports with correct naming

  1. Open EGP Web

  2. Make sure that you are in a Term 1 Class

  3. Select File Internet/Edline

  4. Click the Options Tab

  5. Change the Upload File Name to Term 1 Grades

  6. Fill in the Teacher Name box with your name

  7. Select Upload (Bottom Right hand corner)



Special instructions for Homeroom Teachers

  1. Open your Homeroom Class Page in Edline

(not EGP)

  1. Notice that you have “Term 1 Grades” listed for

Homeroom if you uploaded grades for all Term 1


  1. Hover over the News section of the page. Click

the icon to add a note.

  1. Type a note explaining the fact that HR is not graded.

  2. Click Done.




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