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TST Meeting 01-14-2013

Page history last edited by Kelly Ray 7 years, 5 months ago


AGENDA - Go to http://bcpsgeneraljohnstrickerms.pbworks.com to access this Agenda under the Navigator in Tech Support Team folder. 

  1. Welcome new members  - John Haney
  2. Network issues - District-wide
  3. Tech Budget - Spent per principal's requirement that funds be spent by Dec 14th. Think about Wish List for 2013-14. Kelly will create a page in this folder. 
  4. Laptop Powersave options:   
    • Hibernation uses the least amount of power and returns the user to whatever they were doing, but requires less than half the time a cold boot would take.  Sleep (Used to be called Standby) instantly brings back the screen and applications that were running but uses more of your battery.
  5. Daily restarting of computers in Labs/Mobile Labs - ideas?
  6. Floor waxing and computer/multimedia equipment disconnection/reconnection - Teachers take pix of connections at end of year. Next year stickers?
  7. Network Printer Issues - Fac Rm printer abuse; Library Printer (mini lab) in the shop; Mini Lab 22 printer Error 79 and lost IP address; no budget for ink.. Consequences; costs.  Talk to Colleen about IA printing (abuse noticed).
  8. Computer Lab Issues
    • Teacher Computer Lab Checklist procedures (poster in Labs, sheet on the TS? ) Kelly email, presentation September 2013.
    • Computer Problem sheets - Print on paper and put at teacher stations.
    • Headsets - Teachers remind encourage sts to bring earbuds to Labs; Put earbuds on sale.
    • Lab 59 - John Haney will be "Lab Manager" - occasional walk-throughs, reminders, report issues to Kelly/Steve
    • Lab 22 - Vaugh Platt will be "Lab Manager" - see above 
      • Kelly is has asked TSS for Thin Clients in Lab 22 and in classrooms/Library be set NOT to go to sleep to avoid having to Restart, which takes forever.  Joe C. will be coming in to do this. Also Kelly is looking into the idea of purchasing hard drives for the Thin Clients -- $55-60 per unit for HD and mounting kit/cables 
  9. Ink/Toner Recycling-Funding Factory - Jeff Verkest, Diana Beales, Janette Adams will take over as Recycling Team.
  10. Join MSET @ https://www.msetonline.org/ > Member Services > Join MSET. It's worth it.
  11. Sign up to participate in national Digital Learning Day on Feb 6 @ http://www.digitallearningday.org/ -- no computer lab required! 

Digital learning is any instructional practice that is effectively using technology to strengthen the student learning experience.

Kelly has been invited to attend the national event at the Newseum in Washington D.C. (I submitted some BCPS Online Research Models that were accepted to be featured on their Website for teachers around the country to use).

12. Kelly is now a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer.  Tech Committee members are my first trainees (lucky you!)

Join the Microsoft Partners in Learning network @ http://www.pil-network.com/ (click JOIN). You will need to create a Windows Live ID or use your Google or Yahoo account.

  • Explore the FREE TOOLS and associated Tutorials and Learning Activities under the RESOURCES tab. Choose one FREE TOOL to try yourself and share later in the year with GJSMS staff during Tech PD session (formal or informal). Let Kelly know which tool you want to share.



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