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Page history last edited by Kelly Ray 7 years, 8 months ago

Technology Committee Meeting Notes: March 11, 2013


Access the Agenda @ bcpsgeneraljohnstrickerms.pwborks.com >Tech Support Team folder (under the Navigator)



Members: X denotes a member not present for the meeting


Kelly Ray, Chair/Technology Liaison

Steve Barth, Co-Chair/Alternate Liaison

X Janette Adams (no meetings)

X Jason Adams (unable to attend)

Steve Barsotti

X Diana Beales

John Haney

Jamie Higgins

David Hong

X Heather Karwacki

Vaughn Platt

Lindsey Rattet

Mary Ellen Sittner

Jeff Verkest 




  1. Welcome Steve Barsotti and John Haney to the Tech Team!

  2. Printing policy compliance update:

    • Still many unclaimed printouts at Fac Rm printer; Fac Rm printer Job Log checks; Large jobs being sent to Lab 59; Ink/toner Inventory status: When Faculty Room cartridge runs out, no more; teachers will use Canon ONLY. Instructions for setting up Canon Mailbox are on General’s Help Desk.

  3. Computer Lab/Mobile Lab procedures:

    • Some improvement, still some reports of non-compliance in Lab 59/Library Lab.

    • Need to put Teacher Checklist and other materials on Laptop/Netbook Carts (Jamie & Kelly).

  4. New Laptops/Cart: 4 Laptops and one 8-slot cart donated to GJSMS Library by Office of LIS.

    • Kelly’s proposal for laptops: Add to Science Laptop Cart.

      • Issues: How to store WIFI router, whether router will accommodate 16 connections. *These laptops will first be used for MSA.

    • Kelly’s proposal for 8-slot cart: Put 8 older model laptops (from Science/Math teachers) on the cart with WiFi router from Copy Room for SPED next year.

    • Should Math teachers continue to use old laptops?

  5. Mobile Labs:

    • Decide which Power Options are needed on Mobile Lab devices

    • Were Power Options already set on SPED/Math teacher’s laptops?

    • About Laptop Power Options: Hibernation uses the least amount of power and returns the user to whatever they were doing, but requires less than half the time a cold boot would take.  Sleep (Used to be called Standby) instantly brings back the screen and applications that were running but uses more of your battery.

    • WIFI issue: Cell phones with WIFI turned on will use limited WIFI router connections, may interfere with Laptops/Netbooks connecting. (Add this note to Mobile Labs Teacher Checklist)

  6. Annual request for adding a Tech Ed program/teacher @ GJSMS for next school year:

  7. Special Ed Tech Purchases: 7 new laptops for SPED staff; 1 set ActivExpressions/2 additional ActivHubs (to create 3 sets); replacement LCD bulb for Rm 6; 2 Mimio Teach (for Rms 1-2)

    • How will we provide support for Mimio Teach?

  8. Remember to direct staff to the General’s Help Desk (linked on the Faculty & Staff Edline page) for links to Tech Support resources and PD opportunities including the OIT PD Wiki.

  9. Microsoft Innovative Educator Training reminder: Join the Microsoft Partners in Learning network http://www.pil-network.com/ (click JOIN). You will need to create a Windows Live ID or use your Google or Yahoo account. Explore the FREE TOOLS and associated Tutorials and Learning Activities under RESOURCES tab. Choose one FREE TOOL to try out yourself and share later with GJSMS staff, at a future Tech PD session (formal or informal).  Let Kelly know which tool(s) you have tried and which one(s) you want to share.

  10. Other issues for discussion?





Work Session:

  1. Platt, Haney:

    • Replace the CPU in Team Room (48) with GX 520 from AV Room. Put old CPU in AV Rom.

    • Replace broken monitor at station #15 in Lab 22 with working monitor from AV Room.

    • Replace broken monitor at station #4 in Lab 59 with a working monitor from AV Room.

    • Put broken monitors from AV Room/Lab 22/Lab 59 on back ledge in Lab 59 for removal .

    • Take White Board and Dry Erase Markers, etc. from back of Library Office to Lab 59.

    • Re-number Lab 59 station #36 to #35 with a Sharpie.

  2. Ray:

    • Assess non-working LCD Projectors for possible removal from building.

    • Rename GX 520 in RM 48 and install printer.

    • Revise Mobile Labs Teacher Checklist and post on carts, along with Computer Hardware problem notice.

    • Place Turn Off Monitor signs in Lab 22. Mark one station with new number

    • Assess student stations in Lab 22; document login times/Webpage loading times.

  3. Higgins, Rattet: Document ALL equipment for removal from building (on back ledge in Lab 59).

  4. Verkest, Sittner: Pack up/label ALL empty Ink/Toner cartridges on back ledge in Lab 59 for shipment to Funding Factory.

  5. Barth, Barsotti: Re-set Power Options on Science Mobile laptops/Netbooks.

  6. Hong: Test Interwrite pads from AV storage to identify some that will work/hold a charge.


Next meeting scheduled for: April 22, 2013

TO DO List for next meeting:

  • Clean LCD projector filters in classrooms, including ceiling-mounted projectors.    



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