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Page history last edited by Kelly Ray 7 years, 7 months ago

Technology Committee Meeting Notes: April 22, 2013


Access the Agenda @ bcpsgeneraljohnstrickerms.pwborks.com >Tech Support Team folder (under the Navigator)



Members: X denotes a member not present for the meeting


Kelly Ray, Chair/Technology Liaison

Steve Barth, Co-Chair/Alternate Liaison

X Janette Adams (no meetings)

Jason Adams

Steve Barsotti

Diana Beales

John Haney

X Jamie Higgins (unable to attend)

David Hong

Heather Karwacki

Vaughn Platt

? Lindsey Rattet (may attend only until 3:30)

Mary Ellen Sittner

Jeff Verkest 




  1. Kelly has requested 4 EYE days this summer for technology work including: re-imaging laptops & netbooks; cleaning equipment; preparing computer labs/mobile labs; organizing files/folders and purging files on Shared drive and Students drive; revising technology procedures (Labs/Mobile Labs, circulating equipment, Substitutes using technology, etc.); revising Equipment Resevations, Libary and Lab Reservations sheets; preparing staff presentations for August; configuring presentation equipment for rooms already cleaned. 
    • Kelly has requested technician Joe C. for 3 days to re-image Library Lab, Mini Lab, Lab 59 in June before the end of the year, as TSS technicians will not be available this summer due to new HS opening. 
  2. Kelly and Jamie will attend Common Ground 2013, MD annual Ed Tech Conference sponsored by MSET et. al., on April 23/24.
    • We will share our learning at next meeting. 
  3. Printer update:
    • Last Faculty Room cartridge now EMPTY, no more will be ordere; hundreds of unclaimed printouts since last announcement about conserving toner/paper. 

    • Teachers should use Copyroom CANON. Instructions for setting up Canon Mailbox are on the General’s Help Desk

    • Library Lab printer returned from shop after toner spill.

    • Toner for Library, Library Lab, and Lab 59 printers is in very short supply; no more will be ordered this year. 

  4. Computer Lab/Mobile Lab issues:

    • Lab 59 issues:  Several more cases of keyboard tampering, one case of writing on monitor with pen.  

    • NEW PROCEDURE to discourage keyboard tampering: Teachers asked to read a statement about keyboard tampering and to check each keyboard before dismissing students using laminated copy of keyboard. 

    • Netbook login issues continue to be reported

      •   Teachers must have students turn off cell phone WiFi.  Cell phones with WIFI turned on will use limited WIFI router connections, interfere with Laptops/Netbooks connecting. (Add this note to Mobile Labs Teacher Checklist

      •  Other netbook issues?

    • Keys missing from Science Laptops. WHY was this not documented and the responsible student(s) not held accountable? Need to revisit Mobile Lab Teacher Checklist for collection procedures, put laminated copies on carts, give reminders to teachers, esp. Science teachers.

      • Steve: Email Joe Coughlin with laptop model number to inquire about availablity of number of needed keyboards from shop. If he can't get them for us, call TSS to ask how much replacement keyboards cost.

  5. REVISED PLAN for 4 Laptops and one 8-slot cart donated to GJSMS Library by Office of LIS.

    • 4 Laptops:

      • Laptops will NOT be re-imaged until August; Kelly needs to borrow them for Summer Curriculum Workshop (they currently have Dreamweaver & Articulate installed); Kelly will keep them until August to ensure no damage.

        • OLD laptop on Laptop/LCD cart used for Cafeteria presentations/DARE will be replaced with one of the newer model donated laptops. 

        • OLD laptop on PE Laptop Cart will be replaced with one of the newer model donated laptops.

        • Two donated laptops to be added to Science Mobile Lab. 

          • In the event a staff member's desktop computer is out of order/waiting for service, extra laptop will need to be taken from Sci Mobile Lab to be used as loaner.

    • Proposal to put older model laptops (model D600/610) on the 8-slot cart with the WiFi router from the Copy Room for SPED classes next year.

      • Determine how many working older-model laptops we will have available.

        • STEVE: Determine how many old laptops can be collected back from Science teachers.

          • Mary L's laptop is "dead." 

        • Remaining Math teachers' laptops will not be used in classrooms next year; LCD projectors and ELMOs will be connected to their desktop computers in the fall. TSS does not recommend D600/D610 laptops for use as teacher presenters.

  6. UPDATE: Annual request for adding a Tech Ed program/teacher @ GJSMS for next school year:

    • Mrs. Owens has requested additional staff for Tech Ed.  If we get a Tech Ed teacher, Kelly will recommend the MS Tech Ed Curriculum which addresses basic technology skills and software programs like Microsoft Word and other Office programs. (NOT recommending the MS engineering design curriculum for GJSMS).

  7. UPDATE: Special Ed Tech Purchases: 7 new laptops for SPED staff; 1 set ActivExpressions/2 additional ActivHubs (to create 3 sets); replacement LCD bulb for Rm 6; 2 Mimio Teach hardware (for Rms 1-2).
    • Some SPED equipment has arrived; to be inventoried at today's meeting. 

    • SPED teachers receiving new laptops:  Desktop computers/laptops currently in use will be collected back. 

    • Need to purchase some sort of carrying case for the extra SPED ActivExpressions sets. (From SPED budget?)

    • How will we provide support for Mimio Teach? 

      • Ms. Chryst is currently taking Mimio Studio inservice course. 
      • Kelly will create a General's Help Desk Page for Mimio Teach/Mimio Studio including tutorials, links to PD opportunities. 
  8. Spring 2013 School Tech Purchases (per Mrs. Owens)
    • 2 additional sets of ActivExpressions purchased, for a total of 6 to be circulated by Department.
      •  One set each for Language Arts, Reading/FL, Social Studies, Science, Math, Special Areas.  Special Ed will have their own designated "mini sets" of ActivExpressions.
    •  21 ActivSlates purchased, to be circulated by Department (see potential distribution plan below):
      • 4-Lang Arts | 3-Reading/FL | 3-SS (+3)|  4 -Science | 4-Math (+2)| 3-Special Areas (Health/PE, Music, Art) 
    • Kelly will request that a section of the CPD Inservice Course ActivInspire and the Interactive Whiteboard Level 1  be taught at GJSMS in the Fall-- to train teachers on using ActivInspire with ActivSlates. Will request Amanda Cochrane or Alex Wolf as instructor.  ActivSlates work as a "portable" interactive whiteboard.
    • Mrs. Owens has requested that Tech Committee members or  someone from OIT give a "demonstration" of how ActivSlates can be used with students during teacher back-to-school-week in August.  
      •  Heather & Lindsay willing/able do this?  
      • Would like to feature Flipcharts for different content areas in the demo. Start looking for these on Promethean Planet.
  9. Remember to direct staff to the General’s Help Desk (linked on the Faculty & Staff Edline page) for links to Tech Support resources and PD opportunities including the OIT PD Wiki.
  10. Other issues for discussion? 


Work Session:

  1. Barth: Install Mimio Studio software on computers in Room 2/6 (Kelly has instructions)

  2. Ray/Karwacki/Sittner:  Unpack and inventory new equipment (in the Library store-room).  

  3. Haney: Replace broken (squealing) monitor at station #4 in Lab 59 with a working monitor from AV Room. Add broken monitor to Equip Removal Form (see Kelly for form). Put broken monitor in back with other equipment for removal. Do a quick check of keyboards, etc. in Lab 59.

  4. Platt:  Return repaired Library Lab printer to lab. Assess student stations to document those with frozen screen/cursor or other issues on spreadsheet.

  5. Verkest/Beales: Take empty Ink/Toner cartridges from Library Lobby cart to Lab 59 ledge. Pack up/label all empty cartridges on back ledge in Lab 59 for shipment to Funding Factory. Put 2 boxes in Front Office for pick up.

    • As boxes are picked up, get 2 more boxes from Lab 59 and take to Front Office for pick up, until all boxes are gone. Email Janette to help you check every few days.

  6. Beales:  Pick up LCD/Laptop cart from PE Activity Room, take to Guidance Office for 5th Grade Orientation on Tuesday. Following Orientation on Tuesday, return cart to Activity Room or Womens' PE Office.

  7. Hong/Barsotti: Continue testing of  Interwrite pads to identify those which work and will hold a charge. 

    • Plan how to most quickly determine which pads don't work/hold a charge.

    • Document non-working Interwrite pads on Equipment Removal form and box them up so Kelly can T-req them out.

    • Get a total count of working Interwrite pads; Kelly needs this for annual MSDE Tech Inventory in May


Next meeting scheduled for: May 13th (according to GJSMS Outlook Calendar)


TO DO List for All Tech Support Team Members:

  1. Microsoft Innovative Educator Training reminder: Join the Microsoft Partners in Learning network http://www.pil-network.com/ (click JOIN). You will need to create a Windows Live ID or use your Google or Yahoo account.
    • Explore the FREE TOOLS and associated Tutorials and Learning Activities under RESOURCES tab. 
    • Choose one FREE TOOL to try out yourself and share later with GJSMS staff, at a future Tech PD session (formal or informal).  Let Kelly know which tool(s) you have tried and which one(s) you want to share.
    • You can install tools on your home computer; see Kelly or Steve to install tools on your school computer 
  2. Get familiar with the Framework for 21st Century Learning. See Dr. Dance's letter to principals regarding BCPS adopting this framework
  3. Join MSET


TO DO List for next meeting: 

  • New "Sensitive Equipment Tracking Procedures" 

  •  Clean LCD projector filters and vents in all classrooms, including ceiling-mounted projectors.   

  • Assess non-working LCD Projectors for possible removal from building.
  • Revise Mobile Lab checklists; place Revised checklists, Computer Hardware Problem sheets, etc.  on Mobile Lab carts.
  • Create General's Help Desk resource pages for Mimio Teach/Mimio Studio and eInstruction/Interwrite; Update General's 
  • Help Desk ActivInspire/ActivExpressions resource page. See resources here: https://intranet.bcps.org/offices/csc/knowledge_base/av/index.htm
  • Kelly & Jamie share learning from Common Ground. 
  • Discuss Microsoft Partners in Learning/Free Tools. 
  • Discuss "Tech Tuesdays" idea for next year. 



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