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ActivSlate is a wireless, notebook-sized tablet that gives the teacher and students the ability to interact with digital lesson content displayed on-screen from anywhere in the classroom, increasing student engagement and involvement in learning and instruction. The ActivSlate works with an ActivPen, an ActivHub inserted into the computer's USB port, and ActivInspire software which can be deployed remotely to any GJSMS computer. ActivInspire software can be used to create Flipcharts (interactive lessons) or to annotate over the computer desktop display.  ActivInspire Flipcharts can also used to create formative assessments for use with the ActivExpressions student response system; multiple ActivExpressions sets are available at GJSMS.


GJSMS has purchased 24 ActivSlates for distribution among all content and special areas. School-based professional development on using ActivInspire software with ActivSlate will be offered at GJSMS, and other professional development opportunities are available throughout the year as detailed below. 


Professional Development Opportunities: 

  • ActivInspire Level 1 & Level 2 Inservice Courses and Workshops on specific ActivInspire topics/tools are offered by BCPS Department of Digital Learning. See the BCPS Department of Digital Learning PD Wiki for upcoming CPD Inservice Courses and Workshops.
  • Introduction to ActivInspire 1.6:  Free Online Course from Promethean Planet (3 hours) introduces the main features of ActivInspire. Participants will learn the basic skills required to create simple, interactive flipcharts.


ActivInspire Software Installation:

  • Email Steve Barth to request installation of ActivInspire on your classroom computer. We can install it remotely.


Introduction to ActivSlate - Monday, August 19th 

  • Hands-on Practice using ActivSlate with a simple Flipchart.  Three groups:

    • Library Area A (Kelly Ray): Special Ed, Special Areas (Art, Music, PE/Health), Spanish
    • Library Area B (Heather Karwacki): English, Reading, Science
    • Library Lab (Lindsey Rattet):  Math, Social Studies



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