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Computer Labs and AV Equipment

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Using Online Lab Reservation Sheets


Online Lab Reservation sheets are used to reserve:


Instructional Areas, Computer Labs and Services in the Library

  • Shared drive -> Library Media Center & Computer Labs -> Library Media Center Reservations

  • Add your name in the mods/periods you will use the library or library labs.  Use the CODES at the top of the reservations sheet beside your name to indicate areas & services needed. Add a comment to your reservation with a lesson description. 

  • You are EXPECTED to meet with the librarian two weeks prior to your scheduled time to discuss your lesson and plan if assistance is needed. The librarian can provide you with meaningful lesson support and resources.


Computer Lab 59/27

  • Shared Drive -> Library Media Center & Computer Labs -> Computer Lab 59 or Computer Lab 27


Netbooks and Revolve Mobile Labs 1 &2

  • Shared Drive -> Library Media Center & Computer Labs -> MOBILE LABS




  • Remember to SAVE and CLOSE the file

  • If you get the “File in Use” message when you attempt to open a reservations sheet (see below), DO NOT OPEN A READ ONLY COPY AND TYPE IN A RESERVATION!  This will create a Copy of the sheet which will be DELETED and YOU WILL NOT HAVE A RESERVATION on the active reservations sheet! Instead, either click Cancel and try again later, or click on Notify



  • When you click Notify, the Read Only file stays open until you receive the “File Now Available” notification (see below); then you can click on Read-Write and make a reservation on the active sheet.




  • DO NOT delete other teachers’ names from a reservations sheet; this is unprofessional

  • If you realize that you will not be able to use the labs on a reserved date, please remove your name from the reservation sheet immediately to free up access for another class. 



*If you have scheduled lab or equipment use and are absent on the day you have scheduled time, your reservation will be canceled.

You may not have a substitute bring students to the labs or use equipment with your students. Subs are to remain in your classroom with your class.





Lab Rules and Procedures


  • Sign up for lab time via the method stated above.  Please insert a comment next to your name detailing your lesson objective.
  • Do not attempt to sign up for the library or labs if the document is already open (read-only format).  Wait until the user has closed it.
  • If you have a sub and have signed up for library or library lab time, you must reschedule.  Teachers must be present with their classes in all of the computer labs and in the library.
  • Teachers should NEVER leave students unattended in the library or computer labs. (see Rule 4100: VIII. Supervision of Students  A. Teachers are responsible for the conduct and safety of students who are assigned to their classrooms, as well as ensuring that these students are supervised at all times during the regular school day. Teachers shall ensure that students are not left unattended and shall be responsible for providing adequate supervision during his/her absence from the classroom.)
  • The labs are expected to be kept in an orderly and fully functioning condition.  YOU are responsible for checking each computer at the end of your session.  You must also maintain lab seating charts to maintain student accountability.  If you notice a problem with a computer, please report it to Ms. Conner as soon as you can.
  • No food, drinks, or gum are permitted in the library or any of the computer labs.  Teachers are expected to uphold library and lab rules.  Abusing the labs can result in loss of lab privileges. 

Printing/ Student Work

  • When possible, allow students to submit work electronically.  We are no longer have the authority to order new toner or replace printer cartridges when needed and must call in any toner requests, so please be conservative when printing. 
  • The is only one color printer left in the school.  Set guidelines for how many images a student may print for an assignment and HOW they need to print them.  You may consider digital students products if full color images are required. 
  • Students may print one page of images from Microsoft Word: students should find images from a free source (Wikipedia) or from a BCPS database when possible, copy the image, and then paste into a MW document page. They may print one document page, and can print as many images that fit onto that one page.  

Teaching Citation

  • Every lesson that you teach that requires research or image usage should also require your students to provide source citation.  If you need information on how to do that, please see Ms. Conner. 



AV Equipment

  • We have devices and equipment that can be checked out and used in class.  This includes FlipCams, MP3 recorders, and Digital Cameras.  The Reservation sheet is currently being modified and will be available soon.





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